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Extended length and extra volume: the two biggest reasons people seek out hair extension options. Unfortunately, extensions often can be well-over budget and can damage one’s existing hair. But have no fear, we at CC Beauty salon have jumped on the band wagon for the newest, most innovative hair extension option: tape-in. Tape-In hair extensions are a revolutionary new method without the cost of Bonded Fusion extensions and without the hassle of clip-ins you do at home.

Hair extensions should be comfortable, undetectable, and natural – exactly what is achieved through the tape-in extension method. Whether it is properly matching color, determining what amount will create your desired volume and length, and educating you about your new at home upkeep, our Artists will make your new hair extensions a breeze to get used to. Not sure exactly what tape-in extensions entail? Here’s a quick run-down: – They’re reusable! Extensions can last up to 20 weeks (3 uses) with proper at home care. – No hair damage. Tape is medical-grade and latex-free. – High-quality Remy hair, cuticle intact. – Comfortable! Even weight technology is used to reduce tension. Outside of length and volume, there is one particularly good thing that extensions can help with: those with thinning or fine hair. If thinning hair has developed into a concern, we can help you with that! Put concern and embarrassment to the side.

Tape-in hair extensions can help to successfully conceal thinning hair and will not damage the precious hair you do have. The application consists of taking sections of hair and “sandwiching” them between 2 thin wefts of cuticle-intact Remy hair. This helps to actually protect and improve the health of your hair, as it now lays in between the protection of your extensions! These extensions are a snap (or a tape?) to fit, so schedule your next appointment and have a nice chat with your Artist about adding a little oomph to your hair.

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