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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

[3:57 p. m., 7/7/2020] Carolina Cruz: If you have noticed that your hair falls out and for more remedies and products that you have tried you cannot stop its fall, yes there is a solution.

According to specialists, the main causes of hair loss are hormonal imbalances, genetics, scalp infections, alopecia, taking certain medications, inappropriate products, among others.

We will give you some fairly basic and simple tips but they are proven to work:

1. Drink water and follow a balanced diet to provide your hair with the nutrients it needs.

2. Avoid the use of too tight garters or tails (mainly with damp hair), since the pressure favors hair loss.

3. Reduce the use of dryers, irons and other similar drying items. NOTE: Use thermal protectors and the appropriate tools for the conditions of your hair 😉

4. Brush your hair with the appropriate brush or comb for your strand type. You should NOT forcefully "untangle" curly or parched hair since you are damaging it further. We must! Finding a balance between the right tool and product for your hair conditions.

5. REDUCE YOUR STRESS LEVELS, as it is a factor that causes hair to fall out. This is the most difficult point, since it depends on many factors ... Our advice? Meditate and exercise, you will see that both work 🙌

6. Sleep 8 hours a day. Getting good rest is key, although this also depends on several factors since not all of us need to sleep the same number of hours.

The most important thing is that in the period of time you sleep you have an "optimal" rest 😴

7. Do not fall asleep with wet hair.

8. Trim your hair frequently (every month or 1/2 month minimum) to stimulate growth and remove damaged hair.

9. When bathing, measure yourself with the amount of shampoo you use, since using large amounts of this product weakens your hair and more if it does not meet the needs of your strand. NOTE: each hair is different, that's why there are brands and products that are manufactured to meet specific needs 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬

10. If the fall is excessive, go to a dermatologist to give you an effective treatment for your case. Since when they are complex hormonal issues, thyroid or other, they are the ONLY ones that will give you a viable solution or alternative.

11. Use professional brand products and treatments for scalp / fall issues that are the result of a personalized diagnosis since not all of us have the same condition or the same habits.

At CC salon we have what your hair needs, we have brands we trust, so that your strand and scalp are healthy as well as looking SPECTACULAR! 🤩 We have a brand that is for the hair loss it EMME DICIOTTO and we have scalp treatments.

707 935 8329

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