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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

There are some who say that the eyes are the window of the soul, others say that their importance lies in that they are the focal point of the face. women of ancient Egypt were very clear about this and that is why they decided to incorporate into their beauty routine, a black powder known as khol that allowed them to draw a line around the eye and capture eyes.     Between which are pears or apples, the truth is that the look projects many things, so it is important that your eyes always look spectacular.     Below, we present the main trends to achieve an impact look:     Smoky eyes: it is the use of a black shadow that is applied in the birth of the eyelashes and is commonly used to give a deep and mystical touch.     Cat eye: you can outline the eye contour with pencil or gel to perfect the makeup and even lengthen the figure of the eye.         Of course, it is very important to go to a specialist to achieve a good session and an incredible effect.     Perfect lashes: the mask gives a special touch to your makeup, so it is important that the finish is perfect to look 100. With this we mean that the lashes are well separated and that they are well painted and without lumps, to they really look super dense.     So now you know, if you want to show off a spectacular look, you can use these fabulous trends to see yourself even more beautiful

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