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Updated: Nov 3, 2021

MAKEOVER There is no special date or time. A change of look helps you materialize those desire you feel to change, be better or strengthen your personality. It is a matter of choice. But if you are looking for key moments, changing your look helps you overcome certain stages, such as going to college, a new job, or a trip. Choose your moment!   PICTURES Have ideas or photos of what you would like to do, go to your stylist and request a hair diagnosis, this will help you to know the structure of your hair or what state it is in, and most importantly, the specialist will tell you what you need to keep it healthy, beautiful and know if it works for you. Do not think about it and get advice from an expert.   Make sure it's for you Although some trends drive you completely crazy, not all are made for you. You must take into account the texture of your hair, skin tone, the shape of your face and haircut. To make matters worse, also consider your lifestyle.   Adapt to change The first week it will be difficult to adapt to combing it, so you should consider a change of routine when styling it.   Check the latest hair trends Techniques like balayage are hitting a lot right now. There are many new coloring techniques for your hair that you won't regret trying now.   Know the shape of your face Taking into account the shape of your face, choose the cut that best suits you. If your face is round and you want it to look slimmer, I recommend a layered cut at the chin. On the other hand, if the shape of your face is long, opt for bangs, as they will favor the length of your face. And finally, if your face is more square, then do not hesitate to wave your hair from medium to ends.   MAINTENANCE It is important that you consider the time that you will dedicate to the maintenance of your look and based on that, give it the necessary care that your specialist recommends you.

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