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3 months supply to help Dandruff Preventive Shampoo

Apply Stem-C Purifty Shampoo on wet hair, emulsion delicately. Rinse off and repeatthe application. Leave in for 5 minutes, then rinse off well and proceed drying. It is reccomended to use it every day for better results. 


3 months stem-c purifty dandruff preventive phials with stem cells of grape piroctone olamine droplets 


Stem Cdetoxify= 2-1 sebum balancing treatment: An innovative anti grease treatment. Its formulation is based on two actions 1 treatment, 2 cleaning. All in product enriched with active stem cells of grape, purestmarine saltand bisabolol that makes the scalp healthy and pure. Use: wet hair, applying Dexoxify separting the hair with the brush to cleanse the scalp, massage softy and rinse off. Distribute Detoxify on scalp again, perform a delicate massage with circular movements fot 10 minutes. Caress the hair lenght and ends with a massage brush. Rinseoff and apply suitable conditioner, rinse off and proceed drying

Emme Diciotto Kit Dandruff

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