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Clash Hair Gum:
Inspired by the creativity style and rock ‘n’ roll musical history of London, Johnny B. Clash Hair Gum is not afraid to get rough. Its distinct texture gives you the ability to groom your own bespoke hair experience without cocktailing it with other products. This all-in-one power-player combines the features of a pomade, wax and clay, resulting in a classic finish with heavy hold. Great for mohawks or any long-lasting style that needs more support than gel alone can provide.
How to use this product:
Rub between hands until warm, apply evenly to dry hair and style as desired. If needed, soften hair gum with heat from a blow dryer before use.

Hold 9/10; Shine 5/10
Part pomade, wax, and clay for supporting extreme hold styles, like mohawks
Maximum hold with lower shine than gels for sleek but textured hair
Oil-based heavy duty hair fixative

Johnny B. Clash Hair Fixative 3 oz

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