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Matrix Dark Envy Shampoo 10.1oz dark envy green shampoo is a green color-depositing shampoo that enriches dark bases and neutralizes red undertones.

  • Virgin and All-Over Black to Dark Brown Hair Color 
  • Best for Levels 1-4
  • Leaves depth and cool, glossy finish
  • Combination of blue-yellow direct dyes
  • Signature fragrance of citrus, jasmine and cedarwood   


Matrix Dark Envy Conditioner 10.1oz dark envy conditioner is a non-color depositing conditioner that helps enrich dark hues.

  • Deeply hydrating
  • Enhances manageability 
  • Provides richness, radiance and shine
  • Best for levels 1-4 
  • Signature fragrance of citrus, jasmine and cedarwood

Matrix Dark Envy Shampoo & Conditioner

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