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Deep-reaching hair nourishment

With color-protecting antioxidants

Grapeology Shampoo is a cutting-edge shampoo that gently cleans while nourishing and conditioning at the same time. Its formula with natural grapeseed extract is high in Vitamin E, proteins and arginine, which repairs and improves natural shine. Increases hair strength and elasticity. Its high antioxidant content gives hair added protection from harmful agents and slows ageing.

Ideal for people with sensitivity to other shampoos thanks to its gentle action and purity. Grapeology Shampoo means it can be used as often as necessary.


Wet hair with warm water then smooth Grapeology Shampoo evenly all over. then rinse and repeat. Leave on for a few minutes then rinse off with plenty of water.

Salerm/Biokera Grapeology Shampoo

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